The first quilt I ever made was for my son when he was a baby.  I wanted something minimal but still cute, and decided on a whole cloth quilt with appliquéd (surprise!) sea creatures.  When my second son came along, I made a matching quilt for him, this time featuring summery motifs.  Two quilts were not enough to exhaust all the ideas I was generating for new characters, but two children were more than enough for our family at the time, so I went in search of other babies to make blankets for.  Luckily, my brothers and sister in law were starting their own families at the time, and so I’ve had the good fortune to make a quilt for each new cousin.

I finished the latest earlier this week, although I came up with the characters several years ago.  It features two pieces of sushi (maguro and tamago, if you’re curious) joined by a California roll and some miso soup.

I finally broke out my Key Tree fabric from Tula Pink for the back and binding–I had been waiting for a special project and this seemed to fit the bill.  I have the same fabric in another colorway that will become a matching teddy bear (although, truth be told, I’ve begun calling them “wonky bears”–my stuffed animal skills are pretty limited).

I’ve always enjoyed variations on themes, hence the series of nearly identical baby quilts.  I was lucky to have another on hand while writing this post–this one featuring Australian animals made for yet another niece born earlier this year.

Soon it will be going back home, and we’ll be happy to welcome the recipient of the Sushi quilt into the family!


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