RKP_1014_WEB_squareHello, and welcome to the Studiolo, my little corner of the online world. I’m thrilled that you’ve arrived here and hope you’ll take a few moments to look around. Although this blog is about my quilting pursuits, my training is in the field of art history, which inspired the title of this blog. During the Renaissance, a studiolo was a place to collect objects of aesthetic and intellectual interest, and that drive to collect bits of inspiration is what led me to start this blog.

Although I’ve spent the last fifteen years immersed in the history of art, I’ve recently begun to explore the possibilities of a career in design. Thus, this blog is also a place to share some of my own work. I’m currently focusing on fabric and quilt pattern design, and preparing to release a line of patterns beginning in early 2013. If you would be interested in learning more about my forthcoming patterns, please contact me. I’m also available to design custom quilt patterns for you or your company.

Again, many thanks for visiting, and I hope you’ll leave a comment, drop me a line, or check out some of my other online haunts. You can find me on Flickr, Pinterest and Twitter, as well as at my portfolio site, http://www.casey-york.com. Please visit again soon!


9 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Casey! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting at Nouveau Stitch! I am anxious to investigate your surface pattern work along with your quilts and patterns. We have a lot in common. Oh, and your sewing skills are perfect for bag making. Just give it a shot!


  2. I’m looking forward to making your Ginormous Quilters Tote. I don’t usually follow patterns, but am going to try this one. I see you come from an art history background. I also come from a studio arts/history background. I feel like I’m still new to quilting. It’s been a few years, but compared to the years I’ve put into other studio arts, it’s seems new. You may like visiting my blog. Here is a link: http://jenniferquilting.wordpress.com

    Thanks for sharing your tote pattern!

  3. I purchased your book Modern Applique Illusions and am not able to access the tiny url.com site for the patterns Can you please let me know how I do this?

    • Hi Lea,

      Thanks for your message. I tried emailing you, but the address you provided didn’t work. Please email me directly through the contact page and we’ll make sure you get the patterns.

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