The Dryad Collection by Shannon Brinkley

Today I am thrilled to be a stop on the blog hop for Shannon Brinkley’s Dryad fabric collection with Fabri-Quilt. I first met Shannon because of our shared love of appliqué–her first book with Stash Books came out just before mine, and once I was aware of it and her unique collaged appliqué technique, I knew I had to meet her. Shannon’s new fabric collection is also informed by her love of appliqué, and comes complete with a focal print that mimics her collaged technique.


I also had the pleasure of being on the blog tour for Shannon’s book, Scrappy Bits Appliqué,  for which I made a project using her collage technique. This technique informs her fabric collection, which comprises various prints and colorways that work harmoniously together. Tonal prints are one of my favorite types of fabrics to work with, and Dryad offers them in abundance. As I worked with the collection, one of the things I noticed was the variation in hues among the prints, which lends depth and interest to any composition that incorporates all of them.


I’d had an idea for a quilt floating around in my head for a while, and when Shannon approached me to make a project featuring her Dryad collection, it was apparent that this was the perfect design. I worked with a Snack Pack of 2.5″ strips of her fabrics, which allowed me to piece the fabrics that I would use for the appliqued leaves, lending additional interest and movement to the final quilt design. I quilted the quilt with a woodgrain pattern, as suggested by Shannon’s focus on trees throughout her collection. This was my first attempt at this free motion quilting motif, and I’m tremendously happy with how it turned out.


Having selected many, many fabrics for appliqué, I can say with confidence that Shannon’s tone-on-tone prints are perfectly suited to this…er…application. And as a thank you for reading along, you can find this out for yourself, as Fabri-Quilt is giving away a bundle of Dryad fabrics to a lucky reader. For this giveaway, Fabri-Quilt would like you to sign up to follow their blog, Inspired by Fabric. Once you’ve signed up, comment here to be entered in the drawing. Entries will be open until midnight on Friday, Feb. 12, and I’ll announce the winner on Saturday, February 13.  This blog hop also offers other chances to win, including a copy of Shannon’s book and a collection of Aurifil threads that coordinate with her fabrics, so make sure you check out the other stops on the hop!

2/2 Shannon Brinkley, The Bottle Tree

2/3 Fabri-Quilt, Inspired by Fabric

2/4 Angela Walters, Quilting is My Therapy

2/5 Aurifil

2/8 Casey York, The Studiolo

2/9 C & T Publishing

2/10 Rebecca Bryan, Bryan House Quilts

2/11 Stacey Day, Stacey in Stitches

2/12 Kristi Schroeder, Initial K Studio


104 thoughts on “The Dryad Collection by Shannon Brinkley

  1. Casey, your quilt took my breath away! It is stunning! You’re right that the Dryad fabrics were a perfect choice to create this project. thank you for sharing. I am a Bloglovin follower of Inspried by Fabric.

  2. Oooh!! I love this!!! It is beautiful and has given me an idea for a gift to make for my aunt!!! Thanks for inspiring! I am already signed up with Inspired by Fabric, thanks!!!

  3. I follow the Inspired by Fabric blog by GFC and email. I have been enjoying this hop and all the gorgeous Dryad fabrics. Your quilt is fantastic, the two toned leaves are really lovely!

  4. Your quilt is stunning- love the pieced leaves and the quilting is beautiful! I love the blue the bird is made from- my favorite print from this line (along with the text/ poem print!).

  5. I love your quilt! The fabrics fit perfectly! I have never tried this and would like to learn more. I have also signed up for their blog emails. Wonder how much more I can absorb! lol….

  6. I have joined Inspired by fabric and enjoy your blog also. Love the tree branch and bird. Hope you find my name as I do like these new fabrics.

  7. I follow Inspired by Fabric by email.
    Love Shannon’s fabric line!!!! Have her book but haven’t gotten to any projects:( Maybe this year??? Hope so!!!!

  8. I already get Newsletter & Follow their Blog too. Thanks for chance to win! :)
    LOOOOOVE your quilt! Soooo Beautiful!!!!

  9. I LOVE your quilt using the dryad fabrics. I follow on bloglovin. thanks you for the chance to own some of this beautiful fabric

  10. What a lovely design and use of the Dryad fabrics. I especially love anything with fanciful birds! I follow Inspired by Fabric by email.

  11. Really like your quilt!! Love how you pieced fabric for the leaves, etc. I already follow Inspired By Fabric on bloglovin’ as well as by email so I don’t miss a thing! Thank you.

  12. I love the fabric choices, especially in the leaves. The edges look so clean & perfect, are you doing needle turn or a fusible method. If fusible, what type do you like? I’m following Inspired By Fabric (and now you) via email.

  13. I love your leaves an blue bird quilt…and the tree quilting just adds motion to it…I follow Inspired by Fabric by email…..Thank you for letting us get a look at your talents…..

  14. Trees and leaves are some of my favorite quilt subjects (along with birds) so this is right up my alley. I love what you did with these inspiring fabrics!

  15. I surfed here from Inspired by Fabric, after seeing that your project was tree themed. I love trees, forests, birds, and forest creatures, so these charm packs are on my shopping list! Your tree FMQ turned out great and really enhances your lovely design. Great work!

  16. Oh!! I *love* your quilt! Such a wonderful design, and inspired quilting!! Shannon’s fabrics are perfect for your design!
    (I’ve been a long time admirer of Shannon’s work, and I can’t wait to get my hands on her beautiful fabric, Dryad!)
    I had already been following Fabri-Quilt’s “Inspired by Fabric” blog by email!… And now I’m following Fabri-Quilt on Instagram, too!
    Thank you!!
    Pat T.

  17. Beautiful quilt! I like how you used different fabrics for each leaf. Thank you for sharing! I’m a long time follower of Inspired by Fabric via email.

  18. I love your branch and bird composition. The wood grain looks wonderful for leaves and the colors are so pretty. Congratulations on a great job with the quilting…love the wood grain pattern you chose to do.

  19. Hi Shannon – I’m signed up and so excited to be a part of this event. I love seeing the creative process to designs – thanks for sharing

  20. What a great way to feature these great fabrics. I love the shape of leaves, they have so much potential for fabric use. (abundance)

  21. I did sign up to receive the Inspired by Fabric blog. thanks for the chance to try out the Dryad fabrics, they are lovely. And your quilt is great!

  22. I’m following Fabri-Quilts blog Inspired by Fabric.
    Love the snack pack, and tonals too:) Your applique is aces Casey….applique is somewhat of a 2016 goal for me. Thank you for sharing

  23. Your applique design is beautiful, and is perfectly matched to the Dryad fabrics. I follow Inspired by Fabric–and your quilt has inspired me!

  24. Shannon’s fabrics are lovely, and your quilt is too! I do a lot of hand applique (including a bird on a branch :), but I’m ready to do more by machine. The tree inspired fabrics would perk up my more traditional fabrics! Thanks very much.

  25. Thanks for the chance to win! I signed up to follow with Ginger_1 at aol dot com. I love your quilt – so sweet and looks simple, but the impact is huge.

  26. I follow Inspired by Fabrics on Facebook, bloglovin instagram and e-mail. Thank you so much for this tutorial, I love it. I love the tree bark quilting too. crystalbluern at tds dot net

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