Good Hair Day Blog Hop and Giveaway!

Welcome to the final day of the Good Hair Day Blog Hop, celebrating the collection of the same name by the lovely Kim Andersson! Last summer, I was lucky enough to be asked to design a project featuring this collection, which is available in stores now.


I’ll be honest–while I loved Kim’s collection, I had to think for a while to figure out how to interpret it in a quilt. Appliqué opens up so many possibilities for working with a bold, graphic collection like this, and I really wanted the design to encapsulate the feel-good confidence that underpins the line. When the idea finally did strike me (and I remember the exact moment it did, inspired, I think, by a vague memory of a Breakfast at Tiffany’s poster), I knew I had to try it.


The large curl appliqués let me showcase the beautiful larger scale prints in the collection, while the softer, hand-drawn tonal patterns lent themselves perfectly to the neutral background. Because there are only enough curls to feature each print once, I decided to add a patchwork border, which demonstrates how the colors Kim chose for her collection sing together.


I had so much fun making the sample quilt for the Good Hair Day booth at Quilt Market last fall. Kim situated the quilt right behind an old fashioned hair dryer that she invited people to sit under, which meant that I saw it pop up in lots of photographs documenting Market. You can make your own Coiffure quilt, too–the pattern is available for free on the Windham website and as a kit from Craft of Quilting.

Now that you’ve read a little about my project for Kim’s booth, make sure to visit the other stops on the blog tour to read about the other amazing designs she had on hand to show off her new collection. I’m thrilled and flattered to have been included in such a talented group of designers.

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And now for the giveaway–Kim and Windham have generously provided a charm pack of the Good Hair Day collection! To enter, leave a comment below about your best (or worst) hair day.
This giveaway will be open until 11:59 pm on Tuesday, January 26, and I’ll draw and announce a winner on Wednesday, the 27th. I had some amazingly bad hair days myself growing up, so I can’t wait to hear your stories!

52 thoughts on “Good Hair Day Blog Hop and Giveaway!

  1. The day I decided to go au naturel was the best decision I have ever made!!! That was 2 years ago and people are still complimenting my grey locks!! (blushing profusely)

  2. I remember being yelled at for cutting my hair in kindergarten. Turns out it was the boy who sat behind me practicing his scissor skills.

  3. I’ll never forget the year for school pictures when my mom not only curled my short hair in a way I had NEVER worn it before, but also used Dippity Do to set it, resulting in a sort of hard helmet on my head. Awful!

  4. I have thin, fine, straight hair. My whole life has been a bad hair day! The worst is after a day wearing a paper cap in the operating room— hat hair!

  5. The only time I can remember my father being upset with me was a comment at dinner to ‘get those bangs out of your eyes.’ He must have had a bad work day, because that wasn’t like him at all.

  6. Hi Casey, you are such a cool quilter. Congrats on Coiffure quilt being selected for Quilt Market, what a honor and a legacy! I do recall seeing it in several posts as well.
    I used to tease my front bangs only and looking a back at those photos from the late 90’s made me look like a rooster…haha so much for bad hair do’s then:)It’s really nice to meet you via Blog.

  7. A friend of mine asked to borrow my comb, but I didn’t know she wanted it to comb oil through her hair. I have fine hair, and when I used the comb when we were out for the day, I got oil all through my hair, and there was nothing I could do about it.

  8. I’m not very well and can’t get my hair cut professionally. I asked my other half to straighten up a home haircut for me but men don’t seem to know what half an inch is…. it ended up much shorter than intended but not too bad considering.

  9. Mostly I have bad hair days. My most traumatic hair experience was when I was in my 20’s and asked that my long hair be trimmed 3 or 4 inches and then the hairdresser cut off more than a foot! Did grow back, though!

  10. Your quilt with the curls applique is beautiful! Very creative. I usually get perms…I like the curls..but long years ago one of my first perms it actually did look like I had stuck my finger in a light socket (as they say). thankfully, perms have been good to me since then. :)

  11. I had bad hair days all through school due to naturally curly hair. I hated it then but love it now! My best hair days are when my hairdresser styles it after a cut. Other than that, it does it’s own thing!
    kakingsbury at verizon dot net

  12. My parents told my sister and I that we were getting pixie cuts when we were in elementary school. We were SO excited…until we found out that it meant that we were basically get all our hair cut off. Love this collection and adore your quilt — so very clever and stylish!

  13. I have long, curly hair, so few people can cut my hair. My hairdresser moved away and while searching for a permanent replacement, I got frustrated and went into a “walk-ins welcome” place. The girl cut my hair so choppy, I couldn’t straighten it, I couldn’t leave it curly, so I wore it under a hat, in a bun while it grew out enough for me to find someone to fix it.

  14. When I got my bangs cut in some zig zag shape because I wanted to try something new and different and because it was on the cover on a magazine. It took a long time to grow out and it was only cute for one day.

  15. One time I bleached my (very dark brown) hair before dyeing it blue (high school). I was late to a concert and went with my hair just bleached. There is a reason they say blondes have more fun. It was too much fun for me (a square) so I promptly dyed over it the next morning.

  16. I remember the day my Mom gave me highlights in my hair. I have dark curly hair, but that day I had orange hair! Needless to say, that was a bad hair day that lasted a few weeks. I love your quilt!

  17. To date, I think my best hair day was my senior prom. I had a gorgeous updo. Maybe I’ll get it outdo it when I get married.

  18. Back in the 70’s, my older sister took me to a Donny and Marie concert. I adored Marie (at the time) and wanted my hair to look just like hers…full of bounce and curls. So, the next day, my sister gave me a home perm and burnt my fine, thin hair!!! I didn’t go anywhere for weeks. It was awful and I cried for days.

  19. When I was in 2nd grade my mom butchered my hair. She cut it way too short and then I looked like a werewolf for a few months while I grew it back. Of course that was the time when we had school pictures so I’m haunted to this day every time I see my werewolf stage of my life. Lesson learned though….never will I cut my hair about shoulder length.

  20. LOL…I had a bad hair semester in high-school, I had this weird unicorn horn clump of hair at the front of my head…I used to plaster it down with hand lotion to try and keep it at bay. Thanks and God bless! ILuvTheEucharist (at)

  21. I have short, curly hair these days so it pretty much always looks the same no matter what I do to it. No good or bad. This fabric is wonderful, love the color.

  22. Great quilt!! My bad hair day: having a short haircut when I was a very young teenager and being asked in the shop next door, “what can I do for you, son?” Not the best question for a teenage girl’s self esteem!

  23. My worst day or month was after I used a halloween color for my hair and it wouldn’t wash out, eeekkk.. finally my mom had to take me to a hair dresser to get my originally hair color colored back in, lol.

  24. when I was young we were going to have a family photo. I went and had my hair done, it looked so bad, I should just have done it myself. I’m reminded of it after all these years every time I see that picture!

  25. I had very high teased bangs in the very early 90’s- I was only about 12 at the time, but it has forever made me shy away from products and over styled hair in my adult years :)

  26. My best hair days are definitely when I have a professional do my hair – such as for weddings, etc. My worst hair days are every day – some are just worse than others. Thanks!

  27. Everyday from 1987 to 1991! Junior high hair is totally terrible, except for this girl Sally who always wore her hair in a ponytail. Always.

  28. I had surgery on my hand July 2015. My husband, God Bless him, had the job of dealing with my long hair. He did some terrible pony tails — but today, he’s an expert!

  29. My worst hair days are always when the humidity is high and the wind blows. I’m a disaster at the beach! Love what you’ve done with this fabric!

  30. Well, I have natural curly hair that does whatever it wants to do. So I only have “hair days”… I love your curl appliqué quilt and wish my curls were as colorful as this fabric collection. Thanks so much!

  31. I had very strong and curly hair until I was 20 years old. Now my hair is much better, not really curly but wavy and I like it.

  32. I’m having a pretty bad hair day today! But my worst is probably the years of my childhood where my mother cut my hair if a big heavy straight across fringe – always too short or long!

  33. My best hair day was when I reached the 12 inch mark, and was able to donate my tresses to Locks of Love. It took 2 years, but was so worth it.

  34. I was 10 years old and I had long braided hair. My mother was tired of braiding my hair so took me to a beauty? shop for a hair cut and perm. When my hair was finished and mother came to pick me up and saw me. She cried. I cried. My father laughed when he saw me. I have never had a perm since then. I am 74 .

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