Take a Seat, and Starcrossed Giveaway Winner!

First things first–it’s time for me to announce the winner of a PDF edition of Krista’s Starcrossed pattern! According to Random.org, the winning comment is number 10, which is Lee! I’ll be in touch with your copy of the pattern!

It’s been a while since I took part in Finish it up Friday over at Amanda Jean’s Crazy Mom Quilts. To be honest, I haven’t had that many finishes recently that I could share. This one, though, I’m particularly excited about.

CaseyYork_TakeASeat2I first got the idea of doing a chairs quilt from the many wonderful sampler quilts that are out there on the internet. Since most of my quilts are appliqué on a whole-cloth background, I was curious about doing a sampler-style quilt using appliqué. I am a bit of a “decorative arts” snob advocate, and I remember when  I first got the idea to do such a quilt using icons of the so-called decorative arts–chairs–as the subject. I love chairs because their forms, since they must be useful, are so abstract. I love what different artists and traditions have done to make the chair so beautiful–an object worthy of contemplation that, at the same time, can serve as a site for contemplation. Plus, my brother-in-law is a furniture maker and asked for a quilt as a wedding gift, so I had a ready-made excuse reason to indulge my vision of a chairs quilt. (You can see his fantastic work here).


When I heard about the Colorful Peppered Cottons challenge sponsored by Studio E Fabrics–from my local quilt shop, Janie Lou–I was presented with a perfect fabric choice and a deadline for my vision. The Peppered Cottons are a joy to work with–super soft, perfect for a quilt to curl up under. In addition, their chunky, linen-like texture reminded me of upholstery fabric (especially the upholstery of mid-century modern seating), so it was perfect for a quilt focusing on furniture. In the same vein, the Peppered Cotton colors lent themselves particularly well to this project, and I’m incredibly happy with how it turned out.

CaseyYork_TakeASeat_Detail2In keeping with the heavier, more tactile feel of the fabrics, I used Aurifil Lana wool thread to embroider around each appliqué. I used two strands of thread in the needle, which gave me a final stitch just a bit thicker than my usual three strands of cotton floss. When the quilt is washed, the wool in the thread will felt, giving each chair a more pronounced outline while maintaining the graphic appearance of the quilt as a whole (and protecting the loosely woven cotton fabric beneath).

CaseyYork_TakeASeat_Detail1I quilted around each chair silhouette using Aurifil 40 wt. thread that matched the background fabric, and then quilted its square in closely-spaced parallel lines. Since I usually quilt on a white background, this was one of my first experiences quilting with “matching thread,” and I love how the Aurfil blends with the background fabrics! I also love how the texture of the quilting contrasts with the outlines of the chairs on the back of the quilt, for which I used contrasting off-white thread.

CaseyYork_TakeASeat_BackDetail1From it’s inception, I’ve been considering offering this pattern as a free Block of the Month quilt-along here on the blog. Would any of you be interested in that? Selfishly, it would give me a chance to share a bit about the design and history of each of the featured chairs (and it would also give me a chance to make a second version of this quilt to keep for myself!)


Thanks for reading, and have a great weekend!

11 thoughts on “Take a Seat, and Starcrossed Giveaway Winner!

  1. Casey, this is amazing. I mean like really truly phenomenal. Yes PLEASEE to a BOM. That’s all I have to say about that! Yes. Please!

  2. I never do BOM but I would do this one! I’m an interior decorator by education and adore this quilt! Do you have the Eames stamps? I had someone send me them (since I live in Canada) and have them framed as art in my living room :)

  3. I am very bad at keeping up with block of the month, but I have loved many of your quilts. I’d love the chance to see how your process works

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