Petal Pusher: Pantone 2014 Color of the Year Challenge

As I’ve mentioned in the past, I’m a sucker for a design challenge, so when Adrianne from On the Windy Side and Anne from Play Crafts announced the 2014 Pantone Quilt Challenge featuring the color of the year, Radiant Orchid, temptation immediately set in.


A couple days later, I noticed this Pottery Barn catalog cover that I had pinned to my bulletin board last spring because I loved its palette.

CaseyYork_PotteryBarnApril 2013CoverI took it down and found even more Radiant Orchid on the reverse–don’t you *love* that bougainvillea pillow?

CaseyYork_PotteryBarnApril2013pg1Now that the wheels were turning, I returned to my stash of new Colourshott cottons by Oakshott Fabrics. Michael generously sent me a box of the new colors for a previous project (you’ll get to see it soon in an upcoming issue of Generation Q!), and I’ve returned to that box again and again for inspiration and just to admire the lovely colors and rich sheen of the fabrics themselves. These are seriously wonderful to work with, and they make lovely, crisp fusible appliqués.

CaseyYork_PetalPusherFabricsIt was easy and fun to pull a stack inspired by the Pottery Barn photos, and the palette (and our dire need of springtime, soon!) in turn inspired the subject for the quilt. Crocuses are one of my favorite flowers because they were always the first to push up through the thawing New York City soil each spring. When I started seeing crocus shoots, I knew we didn’t have much longer to go before winter melted away. With their cheery purple petals and bright orange stamens, crocuses were the perfect complement to the stack of purple and orange fabrics I had selected, and the perfect theme for a March project.

CaseyYork_PetalPusher1Here is the result, which I am titling Petal Pusher after the impatient, pushy nature of the crocuses themselves. (And, ok I admit, for some reason the title of that song by Sheb Wooley, “Skin Tight, Pinstriped Purple Pedal Pushers,” has been stuck in my head since childhood. Please don’t hold it against me.)

CaseyYork_PetalPusherBackingI’ve only got the top finished so far, but I have the perfect fabric picked out for the backing–a lovely pattern that reminds me of wood-block printed textiles and seems like an appropriate nod back to the ikats featured in that initial inspirational photo. The top measures 56″ X 69″, so it will make a nice sized lap quilt when it’s finished. Now–how do you think I should quilt it?

CaseyYork_PetalPusher3Today has been a chilly, grey day in St. Louis, but I was fortunate to have the sun peek out for a few minutes so I could grab some glamour shots of the top. Here’s hoping that it’s a harbinger of spring weather to come!

CaseyYork_PetalPusher4Thanks so much to Anne and Adrianne for hosting this challenge, and make sure to click over to their blogs to see the other amazing entries!! Thanks for reading, and have a lovely spring!


11 thoughts on “Petal Pusher: Pantone 2014 Color of the Year Challenge

  1. This is stunning! I’m a sucker for oakshotts to begin with, but I love the appliqué and use of repeated pattern and negative space! I wish I had some good advice on how to quilt it, but I really don’t. Beautiful work!
    Oh, and I have to agree, that bougainvillea pillow is gorgeous. :) (Even if the plant itself is evil with those crazy thorns!)

  2. What a wonderful quilt – I seriously cannot wait to see it quilted! Those yummy yummy oakshotts really pop against the background, and I love how you put a twist on your inspiration – it’s not a complete literal translation.

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