WIP Wednesday: Which one should I post about? edition

It’s been a while since I’ve linked up with Lee’s WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced. Which is ironic, since I usually have a bunch of project in the works at any one time. In 2014, my local branch of the MQG, the St. Louis Modern Quilt Guild is hosting an Austin-inspired, year-long “War on WIP(s),” and I’m ready to take on this challenge with gusto. (At my local quilt shop, one of the owners recently told a group of my students who asked what I was working on  that, essentially, “She’s usually working on a multitude of projects at once.” Not that this is a bad thing.)

WIP WednesdayBut here’s the thing–I kind of started five quilts this last week, so I have no excuse for not linking up, other than that I seldom find make the time to blog when I’m working on so many projects. And then there are the projects that I can work on but not talk about until months later. But right now I’m working on a quilt project for the Sizzix blog, and they’ve put no restrictions on me sharing it before its official debut (at least, that’s my understanding right now, and I’m running with it. Thank you, Sizzix!!)

I met with Sizzix‘s Denzil Quick and Linda Nitzen at Fall Quilt Market, and we were all very excited about working together. I’m personally intrigued by the potential of die cutting technology to make fusible appliqué even easier and more efficient. This quilt marks my first experience using one of their products, the new fabi die cutter. I was blown away by how quickly and accurately I was able to cut out the appliqués for this baby quilt–it literally took me a single afternoon to assemble the quilt top, and that’s during a snow day when my two kids were home from school.


I had the idea for this quilt as soon as I saw the flower die on Sizzix’s website, but the vision for the quilt really took shape when I received an amazing box of fabric from Michael Oakshott of Oakshott Fabrics. I had contacted Michael regarding a different project (also in progress), but he included enough other gorgeous colors in his shipment to inspire a year’s worth of WIPs all by themselves.


I was inspired by this palette that I ripped out of a Luxe New York magazine (issue 7, 2012). It’s based on the work of Connecticut-based painter Kerri Rosenthal, and as soon as I saw it I fell in love with its combination of soft and hot pink with warm yellow and cool, greyed-down navy. The box from Oakshott included colors that coordinated perfectly, and all together I think the flowers plus the palette contribute to a sophisticated yet cheery, feminine baby quilt.

Those of you who follow me on Twitter or Facebook will have already seen a quick photo of the quilt layout. Now all that’s left is to stitch down the rest of the appliqués, quilt it, and write up the tutorial for the Sizzix blog. I’m looking forward to debuting the finished quilt, but for today I’m immensely enjoying just sitting and stitching away. We’re having a lucky warm spell here in St. Louis (warm spell=40+ degrees for this Minnesota girl), and I think sewing in the early spring with the windows open is one of my favorite things, ever.

I hope you are all having a lovely Wednesday, and do click through and check out some of the other fabulous works in progress over at Freshly Pieced! Thanks for reading!!


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