I spent most of high school and college sure that I wanted to be a college professor. I attacked graduate school with the goal of becoming a star teacher, and I gained lots of invaluable teaching experience along the way. I also learned that, while I don’t particularly love all of the things a professor has to do, I do love teaching with a passion. There are few times when I’ve been happier than I am in front of a classroom full of students, especially when they are eager to learn (although I welcome skeptical learners, too!)


All of this is to say that I’m beyond excited to announce that I’m now available to give lectures and workshops! I’ve missed teaching and public speaking as my career has taken a turn towards design, and though I’m still enjoying this path more than academia, I’m excited to get back in front of classrooms of eager students. I’m currently offering workshops in my embroidery-finished raw-edge applique technique, improvisational applique, and in creating my Ginormous Quilter’s Tote. I’m also offering lectures on modern applique and Art History and the Modern Quilt.


I’d love it if you would spread the word as I try to get this teaching venture off the ground. Please check out my website,, for more details on the classes, and let me know if you have ideas for classes you’d like to see in the future. Thanks for helping me get back to one of my passions–I hope to see you in class one day!!

Have a lovely weekend, everyone, and thanks again for reading!


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