Weekend Inspiration: Duluth

My family and I spent this last week on vacation in Duluth, Minnesota, where I grew up. I’m always amazed at how different the vegetation is up north compared to in St. Louis. Lilies of the valley grow wild in my Dad’s back yard, birch and aspen trees are everywhere, and the lilacs are just starting to bloom.

We spent a fair bit of time on the beach along Lake Superior, since I wanted to photograph my Shoal quilt there. Growing up, I don’t remember thinking of Duluth as particularly maritime, but this quality also becomes more evident the older I get. I’m glad I can share the scenery of my childhood with my kids.

Thanks for stopping by, and have a lovely week!


2 thoughts on “Weekend Inspiration: Duluth

  1. I love Duluth, It is such a beautiful city and I know what you mean about it being a maritime city (and in the Midwest too, what?). You were very blessed to grow up in such a beautiful place! Thanks for sharing your photos and thoughts!

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