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Hello and welcome to my stop on the New Blogger Blog Hop, hosted by Beth at Plum and June! I think this hop is such a great idea, and I’m so grateful to Beth for including me in this year’s edition. I’ve read so much about the great friendships that evolve from online interactions, and I’m eager to continue making connections with my fellow modern quilting enthusiasts!


I started this blog with the intention that it be a place for collecting sources of inspiration, rather like a Renaissance studiolo, where the owner collected objects of scientific, cultural, and artistic interest. I’m naturally shy so, for me, putting myself out there in blog posts is a constant challenge, but one made worth it by the encouraging comments I’ve received from the online community.


I began quilting in 2005, when I made a baby quilt for my first son, Julian. However, I learned to sew from my mother as a child, and she and my dad both instilled in me the sense that it is possible and worthwhile to make things for oneself. So when I saw mass-produced baby quilts selling for $300 in New York (where I was living on a grad student income at the time), it was natural for me to feel that I could make something equivalent for myself. After that first quilt, I was hooked. I couldn’t stop wondering when I would have the opportunity to make another. But I was in school, so opportunities (and time) were few and far between.


Fast forward to 2012, as I was finishing my degree. I had begun considering career paths outside of academe, and was finding that the desire to be in a creative business (which I had suppressing while in school) was calling increasingly loudly. Things really ignited when we bought bunk beds for Julian and our second son, Simon. Obviously, this justified required making twin-size bed quilts. While designing the first one, I was drawn into the on-line world of modern quilting, and I haven’t been able to look back.


I’ve found a welcoming home with the St. Louis Modern Quilt Guild, and the encouragement from my fellow guild members has been invaluable. It was because of them that I chose to pursue selling my quilt patterns, and the process of coming up with new patterns has proven to be an endless and exciting source of inspiration.You can find a couple of my patterns as free tutorials at the Moda Bake Shop, and a few more are for sale at Fat Quarter Shop , Pink Chalk Fabrics, and other online sources. I’m also currently writing a quilting book for Stash Books, and I’ll be blogging about the writing process throughout the next year. If you’re interested, check out the Crafting a Book series here and on the Stash Books blog.

IMG_7602 small

My preferred technique is appliqué, and I devised my own method of embroidery-finished fusible appliqué as an answer to the demands of that first twin-sized quilt (since I just wasn’t going to be able to do turned-edge applique on the bees’ antenae). Interestingly, my first baby quilts for the boys were also appliqué, so I guess this type of quilt-making just suits my stylistic tendencies and personal taste. I have enormous respect for quilters who do piecing, as my imprecise and impatient nature just doesn’t lend itself to perfect patchwork.


I still sew on the 1990’s era Kenmore machine that my mom bought me when she was determined to teach my two sisters and me to sew. I had no idea when I started using this machine–or when I used it throughout high school and brought it to college–that it would one day be the central focus of my career. I am still so grateful to my mother for teaching me to sew, and so happy that a source of both joy and frustration has grown into an activity that I get to do every day. I kind of love that about my life so far–that something so seemingly tangential has grown into something so central. I’d love to hear about your own life paths in the comments, as serendipity is a constant source of inspiration for me.


Many thanks again for visiting, and I hope you’ll stop by again in the future. In the meantime, make sure to pay a visit to the other bloggers featured in the New Blogger Blog Hop. Another huge thanks to Beth for organizing this!

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63 thoughts on “New Blogger Blog Hop

  1. Casey, I have seen some of your projects before and LOVED them – especially your Madrona Road trees – fabulous. I love your applique designs. Your quilts have definitely inspired me to learn more about applique – your quilts are so original and unique! So glad you were apart of the hop :)

  2. Love your bees! great applique work. My sister sews on a Kenmore circa the 1990’s too. She called him, Kenny,lol. Kenny died last year….so sad. Funny how close we get to our machines, like you said, the center of our lives.

  3. You definatly have a style all your own. Such pretty quilts! Look forward to your series on the book proposal. Great idea! And good luck with your book :)
    Nice meeting you!

  4. I so enjoyed reading this post and seeing your beautiful applique projects up close. All your quilts are gorgeous! Thanks for joining in!

  5. Pleased to meet you! Love your story and your quilts are wonderful. Congrats on your success with patterns and now a new book.

  6. it’s so funny how our perceptions of certain skills can be so different. For instance, applique is super scary for me, but I find piecing to be a snap. :) I really enjoyed your post and I really love your quilt with the trees. What a great illusion!

    -Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  7. Your quilts have a wonderful design aesthetic to them that really seems to show your style. I especially love your Sakura quilt! I also really enjoy seeing your Weekly Inspiration posts – what a fantastic idea! Thank you so much for sharing.

  8. Casey, your quilts are stunning! I totally agree with Kelly – piecing is my comfort zone and applique is a bit scary – so interesting how our perceptions are different around things like this. Congratulations on the book – I’m sure it will be wonderful (and a lot of work)! I read your post on making the proposal and the process of getting signed up, and I really appreciated that! Sometimes it seems like bloggers I follow are getting book deals left right and centre but how it all happens has been totally behind the scenes so far. I look forward to reading your series on making the book happen!

  9. I’ve been wanting to learn more about appliqué so your site seems like a logical place to start! So glad that the LGA blog hop is bringing so many different styles together!

  10. So YOU are the one with the Madrona Road trees! That project really stood out to me on Flickr last winter, when the challenge was happening. I’m glad to find its home and creator. I’m looking forward to learning more about how you use applique to make such super-modern quilts.

  11. Just hopping by via the blog hop – love your space! I also saw your interview on Craft Buds, and am loving your segment on writing a book proposal, esp since I am in the midst of that myself at the moment! Following and can’t wait to see what else you have to share :)

  12. OH! I love your Madrona Road quilt! It is amazing! I have seen some of your other quilts before and I can’t believe I’m just now getting to your blog! I’m looking forward to following your blog!

  13. Amazing projects! You have an incredible talent and your quilts are beautiful. I love the one with the fish! Thank you for sharing and I look forward to seeing more of your projects in future posts.

  14. I love all of these quilts, but especially the one with the trees. I really like how the quilting creates perspective, too. Amazing work!

  15. Gorgeous, uniques quilts and I have been following your “Crafting a Book” series. My story is somewhat like yours: I have bee sewing all my life, but I didn’t discover quilting until I was pregnant with my son and saw the cost of baby bedding! I really wish I had discovered quilting before I had kids and I had more time.

  16. Hi! So glad I found your site through the blog hop, I’ve seen your quilts before and think they are beautiful…the shark one’s great! We have a bit in common as I studied art history (contemporary-ish), I too am generally quite a shy person so it’s quite strange for me that I blog and I love applique so I’m hoping to include it in my future projects….that’s it I think!! Will be following from now on :)

  17. Casey, beautiful work. Glad to put a face behind the Madrona Road trees too. Someone else mentioned it but it did stand out in the group. Glad to you meet you on the blog hop.

  18. Wow, I love your dedication to applique! It’s a technique I haven’t embarked on yet, so it seems even more impressive ♥ It’s a little bit more unusual to see (at least amongst the bloggers I follow), so seeing your collection here is awesome.

  19. i just love your modern applique style. it’s so fresh and clean. like your blog design, which i really like, too. glad you were in the hop so i found you. =)

  20. I adore your shark quilt. I was reading your post and the whole time I couldn’t stop thinking about that quilt and how much i love it. Beautiful work, great ideas and concepts!

  21. Really beautiful, Casey!! Can’t wait to hear more about your book-writing process, and congrats on all your success in this little realm so far ;)

  22. Your appliqué is so clever! I loved the bee antennae. Excellent blog hop post, lovely to hear about how you got into quilting. I think the old machines are the best!

  23. Oh my, your blog is really, really lovely. Easy on the eyes. And I love your work! So nice to meet you! And best of luck with the book…how exciting!

  24. I am slowly playing catch up on the blog hop and was beyond thrilled to find your work. I love your quilts. I love your use of negative space – you kind of create your own fabric. I am so inspired. Thank you.

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  26. Your applique is gorgeous. I’m so inspired by your themes and shapes. I have recently stopped working outside the home to devote myself to raising my daughter and making beautiful things. I’m so glad that I am participating in this blog hop – it is really opening my eyes to all the gorgeous, pretty things that are out in the world. Thank you for being creative.

  27. Although I’ve never visited your blog, I’ve definitely seen your work around the internet. So glad we are both participating in Beth’s blog hop so I could find your blog and follow :)

  28. I am so sorry to be stopping by so ridiculously late on the blog hop but I am glad I did, your work is stunning! It’s so unique and individual and unlike any quilt I’ve seen. I love the way you do your applique, it looks so pretty. Congratulations on your book deal with Stash Books. That sounds sooooo exciting and I’d love to know more! Just off now to look at your post all about it :-)

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  30. Hi there! Here we are last week of the blog hop, and I am catching up on first-week posts. We were in the midst of a cross country move during this week, so please excuse my tardiness.

    Then I read St. Louis Modern Quilt Guild and I WAS SO EXCITED!! That cross country move I mentioned? Virginia to ST. LOUIS! St. Charles, actually. I wanted to go to the meeting in June, but it happened days before we arrived in town. Then I wanted to go in July, but that one was the day we left to come up to Illinois to see my parents for two weeks. I will be there in August. Please come and say “hi” to me because I’ll be feeling all awkward as the “new kid.”

    Anyway, I’ve been here to your blog before, but I’m just now making all the connections about who you are. I love the projects you’ve shared in this post, esp. the Madrona Road Quilt. See you in a couple weeks?

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