Giveaway Day!

This week, I’m excited to be participating in my first Giveaway Day care of Sew, Mama, Sew! If you’ve come from there and this is your first visit, welcome and thanks for stopping by! I hope you’ll take a look around, and don’t forget to enter my other giveaway for my most recent pattern, Punctual.


Now, on to the giveaway! I’m offering all three of my PDF quilt patterns to one lucky reader. The patterns files will be emailed to the winner, so international entries are more than welcome!

Onwards 1

To enter, simply leave a comment about your thoughts on appliqué. Do you love it? Hate it? Ever tried it? What’s your favorite technique? If you are a no-reply commenter, please also remember to include your email address in your comment so I can contact you if you win.


The giveaway will be open until this Friday, May 10, and I will draw a winner at random that evening. This giveaway is now closed.


Thanks for playing along, and good luck!


99 thoughts on “Giveaway Day!

  1. I have a love/hate relationship with applique. I love having applique in my quilts and I like it best when its done by hand…but that seriously takes forever.

  2. Since I love my zig-zag stitch, I think applique can be really lovely! I’ve used it on small sewing projects, and also in the BOM from Craftsy in two or three of the blocks. adriprints(at)yahoo(dot)com

  3. I’ve only ever done it on a small scale, so your quilts look really interesting. Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  4. i’m a beginner at applique, but it’s been fun so far. I made a St Patrick’s Day Pillow appliqueing a large four leaf clover with the word Lucky below. it turned out really great!

  5. I have done a lot of machine appliqué, and I think it’s no trouble for the effect. I don’t like hand appliqué and I don’t know how I should sew on these needle-turn-appliqué things properly… I’ll stick to the machine… :-)

  6. I just finished my first machine applique project and enjoyed it, although I was surprised at how time consuming it was! My new machine has a wonderful buttonhole stitch which was lacking on my older one so that helps too.

  7. I love applique and want to be able to do it on my home machine. Right now I use my embroidery machine to applique and you dont get the same look

  8. A long time ago I made a sweatshirt for my grandma. can’t seem to do it without the edges fraying.

  9. that tree quilt is absolutely fabulous!! definitely inspiring me to get to my applique quilting! my latest sewing adventure (started when i had my 4 year old son) was making onesies with handmade appliques for him because boys don’t get cute stuff. so i LOVE applique and it will always have a place in my heart. my current “wish list” project is to make an applique map of the united states quilt. i’m going to get right on that ;)

  10. I have just tried it making my first circle quilt! I love applique quilts so much! I love your patterns and the trees are so gorgeous!

  11. Lovely modern-looking patterns. I’ve done some raw edge applique and one Hawaiian needle-turn applique cushion, but mostly I quilt and knit. Thanks for the giveaway chance!

  12. I love applique, but I’m not very good at it. I should practice more to get better, and then I’d do a lot.

  13. I’ve never tried it but I’d like to and your patterns seem like a good place to start – they’re beautiful! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  14. I am desperate to learn how to do applique so it is clean and professional looking – so far all I’ve done is raw edge but it never looks as good as other people’s raw edge applique! BTW I ADORE your Onwards pattern :)

  15. I’ve never tried applique but I was actually thinking about it the other day. I made a really boring shirt and thought a little applique it might look a bit nicer:)

  16. I so cheat at applique. Well maybe not cheat, but some serious applique people would probably cringe when I say that I use a glue stick to keep my pieces in place. It’s super nice because it sticks, but it’s soft enough to sew through without gumming up the machine or hand sewing needle and I don’t get poked by a million pins.

  17. I’ve done very very little applique (we’re talking one pillow) but I thought it was fun and I love how it turned out!
    peachstateme (at) hotmail (dot) com

  18. Well i lov eto do machine embroidery applique. But applique by hand is very difficutl for me but I am vowing to get better at it.

  19. Wow, your quilts are beautiful! I love their simple design that really let the motifs shine, and can totally imagine them in my house. I have never done any quilts before, but I have used some applique in my sewing and I like it. I’d love to try your patterns. Thank you very much for this giveaway!

  20. I do love applique. I am trying to improve my needleturn technique. I like using that for smaller projects. I like fusible applique for wall hangings and big quilts.

  21. I enjoy applique, but need to experiment more to find my preferred method. I could use some better instructions about how to turn my edges. I’d also like some pros and cons in terms of when to use what techniques. These look like fantastic patterns!

  22. I’ve done a little bit of machine appliqué (with fusible), which is.. okay, but never looks as nice as I’d like it to look. But I’m quite terrified of turned under appliqué, which I’ve only tried once (mostly unsuccessfully – I used the wrong sort of stitch to hold it down and even though it’ll hold, it didn’t look quite right).

  23. Wow! Thank you all so much for your comments–I’m enjoying hearing about all of your different experiences with and approaches to applique. I wish I could respond to everyone individually–I get excited with each comment that comes through my in-box!

  24. I love it, i recently did a trial bunting quilt using appliqué. It worked better than i could imagine so i’m going to do another one, this time using fabric from my childrens favourite baby clothes for the flags!

  25. I’m a applique newby. I experimented with it, but still have to make my first applique quilt. Love your designs!

  26. I’ve done applique before and I prefer to do it with my machine, wether that is with satin stitch or small zig-zag depends on the size of the motif. But I like it and how it turns out :) I’ve also done a few towels with name applique in different colours of fabric for each letter and they looked great.
    Hand-applique is a different story, I’m not so big on hand-sewing or embroidery either, but that is because I have an injury in my right wrist that makes it hurt when I do needlework.

  27. I have never tried appliqué but I think it would be fun and I am looking forward to having a go one day.
    Thanks for the chance to win, your patterns are wonderful.

  28. I tend to shy away from it. I’m hoping to learn more so I can have the confidence to do it. I love the trees in perspective pattern!

  29. I love your patterns. I usually use fusable webbing and then hand blanket stitch my applique. It gives a handmade look. I would love to learn to do turned applique where the stitches can’t be seen and their are no raw edges.

  30. I was always intimidated but love it now!! Your patterns are amazing and original. Can’t wait to look around here. thanks kerihag at yahoo dot com

  31. I have a love/hate relationship with applique. I love the versatility and I’m pretty good at it, but sometimes it’s just so tedious.

  32. I have been reading up on appliqué. Purchased the freezer paper and starch. Have the material but just haven’t tried it yet. Too scared I will mess up the quilt I am appliquéing on I guess.

  33. I’m indifferent to it. I’ll use it if what I’m designing calls for it, but I can’t say I love it either.

  34. I am a rookie so I have never tried it but think it adds just something special! Thanks for the giveaway! amy @ gasudimack(at)sbcglobal(dot)net

  35. I haven’t done much appliqué and always think of a Baltimore Album quilt. However, your designs are stunning. Hmmmmm, might have to revisit the whole appliqué

  36. Your patterns are gorgeous! I’ve done quite a fair amount of applique and I love the freedom that it gives me as far as being able to add whatever shapes I want to a quilt. Much quicker and easier than paper-piecing, for me. Depending on the size and shape of the applique, I usually use a blanket stitch, straight stitch or varying widths of a zig-zag stitch. Thanks so much for the chance at your giveaway!

  37. applique…I suppose I find it tedious. I’m always trying to make sure it stays straight on the background fabric and that it is smooth. I use needle turn. Thanks for the giveaway…I love those patterns!

  38. Ive done it in little bits, small projects, but never anything big. I still feel a little timid about them, but after a great class by a local lady, im much braver.
    Thank you so much for the chance to win those gorgeous patterns.

  39. I’ve only done a little bit of raw edge appliqué but more appliqué is on my ‘things to try’ list for this year – I love how it can introduce different shapes to a quilt

  40. I have done several wall hangings with applique, nearly always raw edge. These are lovely patterns – nice job. Thank you

  41. I’ve only machine appliqued initials on super hero capes for my boys, but would love to try it in a modern quilt. Thanks!

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