Pillows and Patterns and Proofs, oh my!

I get bored quickly, so I tend to have a lot of projects going on at once. (I sense I’m not the only quilter with the problem of starting something new before finishing up the last project.) But at least this means that, whatever stage of the process I feel like working on at a given moment, I probably have a project at that stage waiting for me.


Today I thought I’d share some work-in-progress photos of one project–a set of pillows to go with my Ampersand quilt. I incorporated patchwork into these in a different way, and I’m happy to be using up the rest of the fat eighth bundle that I used for the quilt. I’ll be including these in the pattern for the Ampersand quilt, so type geeks like me can deck out their entire couch in punctuation.


And speaking of patterns, another project that I’m working on–and nearing the finish–is my first two patterns–Onwards and Sakura. The PDF versions will be available as soon as I hear back from my last few pattern testers, and I picked up the first print proofs today. It’s so exciting to see them–I can’t believe that this idea I had is going to be a physical thing for sale! After these two and Ampersand, I’ll be getting Apiary and Shoal ready for release in the summer.


Which leads me to a question–when it comes to purchasing patterns–especially PDF patterns–on-line, what experience do you prefer. Do you like to purchase through an independent fabric retailer or directly from the author? If you like to purchase from the author, do you prefer an independent storefront, etsy, or another shopping service? If you have preferences, please let me know in comments–it would be tremendously helpful!

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Thanks again, Lee, for hosting this link party!


2 thoughts on “Pillows and Patterns and Proofs, oh my!

  1. Casey, congrats on the patterns! I can’t wait to see them! As far as patterns I really don’t have a preference. I buy from everywhere. Craftsy, Etsy, stores, brick & mortar stores, although I do prefer PDF files so I don’t lose them. Whatever is easiest and cheapest for you!

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